We’re back! We’re sunkissed and eager to dish out some of the awesome knowledge we gained  at the NSPRA conference in Anaheim !!

If you saw us, we miss you already! It was a great time.

For those of us who couldn’t make it out, or those of us who may have missed some speakers (we know some of you skipped out for the beach!), we’ve collected some tips and tricks on how to make your digital presence easier than ever.

Special thanks to Crystal Maleski of Stevenson School District for the helpful links that inspired us to make this post.

First, get organized.

We’ve already discussed the importance of a thorough content calendar, which we encourage you to read about here.

That said, once you’ve got a calendar cooked up, if you’re looking for scheduling assistance…

Hootsuite and Zoho are our personal favorites here at MarketVolt.

If you’re not keen on Photoshop, there are some great online editing software providers that are easy-to-use and free (for the most part).

We recommend spending a little more on a program you think you’ll invest in. Buying unique images or specific features can mean the difference between something generically churned out and something unique to your social media.

For gifs, we stick to Giphy. There are thousands of relevant (and just plain weird) gifs available for all your social needs. You can also create your own gifs on Giphy. We’ve found this is the best site for this, but this Popular Science article can point you in the right direction, as well.

Helpful photo editing apps and software:

  • Canva is a personal favorite of ours for quickly generating simple graphics.
  • InShot can help you change ratios on photos to suit any platform.
  • PanoSlicer can help you upload a panographic image to Instagram.
  • Coolors can help you pick a nice color scheme for a graphic and provides you with the HEX codes to boot.
  • Colorzilla is also a great resource for color picking helping ID colors from your (or others’) website.
  • Dabuttonfactory is super helpful for quickly whipping up gif and jpeg buttons to include on web and email, too.

For video…

Movavi is a great resource that allows users to do just about everything an Adobe video program does, sans all the bells and whistles the hot-shots use. With Movavi, you can access stock footage, remove and add music to your video, crop frames, and more.

If you’re looking to do a screen recording, we recommend simply using Quicktime, but Nimbus Screenshot is also a great resource.

Animoto, Moovly, and Filmora are all also great for video.

For infographics…

Piktochart is a great resource for quickly whipping up visually interesting infographics. Infogram will get you there, too.

For documents…

If you’re looking to convert a PDF to a JPEG or PNG, check out Nimbus Screenshot or Zamzar.

Finally, if you need somewhere to host all those documents, we’re fans of Drive and Dropbox.

And, as always, for email newsletters, we recommend MarketVolt (of course!).

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