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Parents Prefer Email

BlackBoard recently released the findings from their 2018 Trends in Community Engagement Report on parent expectations for K-12 communication.  After surveying over 30,000 parents, it found that the top four rated parent preferences for district/school-to-home communication were:

Parents prefer email - 76% - for district to home communications

Email blew every other form of communication out of the water.

Why? Because what parents want most is personalized and individualized communication, that’s timely and fits their busy schedules.

Email fits all of those criteria perfectly…when used effectively.

Parents want more than a mid semester/trimester updates on what’s impacting their children’s academic lives.  They want to know what’s happening in the district and what’s happening at their schools without having to dig through a pile of information to find it.

They want the information on their time.  Email allows them to review important information at their time of choice and allows for more detailed reports than text message.

Does that mean that other forms of communication should be abandoned? Of course not.  Ideally, all of these communication methods work together and compliment each other.

But if you want to focus on a single platform to improve your schools’ communication, start with email.  It’s tried and true and fits parents’ needs perfectly.


p.s. MarketVolt helps schools and school districts personalize their emails, and simplify much of the email process which saves a lot of time and effort.

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