A big shout-out for Glenbrook High Schools District 225 for winning the Award of Merit for Newsletters in the Electronic Publications category of the 2018 Communications Contest, awarded by the  Illinois Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association (INSPRA).

More than 179 entries in 11 categories were judged by out-of-state public relations professionals. Each entry was evaluated by three judges against a rubric of excellence, with awards given to those that scored within the established ranges for merit and excellence.

Here are the two newsletters District 225 submitted to INSPRA: Glenbrook North H.S. February 2018 and Glenbrook South H.S. April 2018.

These archived versions may seem long to you. But District 225 uses MarketVolt’s Dynamic Content feature to target content to specific segments in their database.

For example, in the April 2018 newsletter, you’ll see items about Sophomore PSAT testing,  Junior SAT testing and the Glenbrook College fair. Using Dynamic Content, District 225 pre-programs the newsletter to show those items only to the parents and students for which they’re relevant. For example, only sophomore and their parents see the PSAT message. Only juniors and their parents see the messages about SAT testing and the college fair.

Tarah O’Connell, District 225’s PR/Communications Specialist, says Dynamic Content makes the emails more relevant and readable for their audience. “We have increased readership for our newsletters because people are receiving the information they need to see.”

INSPRA liked what they saw. “Love the header on both newsletters with school mascot and building photo. Calendar in right nav is helpful for parents. You’ve done a good job supporting schools so that information can be shred in a consistent manner throughout the district,” according to the feedback letter sent by INSPRA to the district.

Congratulations to  District 225 for their great work and well-deserved recognition.

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