Just because it’s Summer Break, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay engaged with the parents and students in your school district. You might consider scaling your social posts and emails back over the summer, but going dark for months at a time is a bad idea.

Why? Because, building strong parent/student relationships with your district takes a lot of time and effort, and long periods without engaging communication can weaken those relationships.

“Engaging” being the key word there. Don’t throw information at your audiences just for the sake of staying in touch. As always, what you communicate needs to be relevant and/or interesting.

So, what are some good potential content topics to consider? Here’s a dozen ideas to help get you started.

12 Topic Ideas

  1. Recommended summer reading material for different grades.
  2. How parents can supplement student learning over the break.
  3. Summer program updates and promotions.
  4. Updates on school remodeling. Consider posting before and after photos.
  5. Reminders for important registration dates and requirements.
  6. Ask parents what books their children are reading over the summer and post a “favorites” list.
  7. Ask families what exciting things they’re doing for Summer Break – don’t forget to ask for pictures.
  8. Post the district calendar for next year.
  9. Post recommended student supply list (backpacks, pencils, binders, etc.) Be grade specific. Parents of high school student don’t need and don’t want recommended supplies for grade schoolers.
  10. Information on new school staff.
  11. School District decisions being discussed and debated.
  12. Feedback surveys. Make sure to include how you will use the feedback to improve parent/student experiences.


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