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Discuss School Safety With Parents

Schools emails to parents should communicate about school safety

School safety has been a widely covered topic in the news over the past year (or more) and it’s of the utmost importance to parents. They care deeply about, for obvious reasons, and it’s something that’s very much on their minds.

You need to communicate your school’s safety policies and practices to parents effectively, so they can trust their children’s schools hold safety as a top priority.

Good topics may include:

  • Plans and drills for school emergencies
  • Anti-bullying policies and practices
  • Health standards for your lunches and snacks
  • Food allergies
  • Safety waivers for school activities
  • Nursing staff qualifications
  • Student athletic program injury prevention
  • Initiatives you take to improve student safety
  • Upcoming public forums

When to communicate:

Make it clear exactly what kinds of communication families can expect from the school administration. You want them to know the mediums you’ll use to share information and when they can expect to receive that information.

You also want to touch base with parents regularly, not just during enrollment. If there’s an incident at the school, in the news or a safety topic parents regularly ask about, include some information on the topic in your next newsletter.


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