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MarketVolt exists to help schools and school districts more efficiently and effectively communicate with parents, staff and other community stakeholders.

Clients in the education market choose MarketVolt for its powerful, easy-to-use email newsletter software, extraordinary guidance and support, strategic consulting and other marketing services

Established in 2001 as part of Foundry Software Development Company, MarketVolt spun out in 2013 and established itself as an independent corporation. Email marketing software remains at MarketVolt’s core, but the company has expanded its scope to provide a range of  services, including marketing consultation, web site development and email and social media campaign execution.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, MarketVolt has clients across the country and around the globe.





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Mailing Address
P.O. Box 410835
Saint Louis, MO


Office Address

4240 Duncan Avenue, Suite 200, St. Louis, Missouri 63110

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Tom Ruwitch

President & CEO
Company founder, serial entrepreneur, former school teacher, amateur maven (if he likes it, he‘ll tell you), avid fishermen, father of twins... and MarketVolt’s lead marketing strategist who has more than 20 years experience helping businesses grow. Tom continues to work with many of our clients who seek strategic consulting on how to maximize the return on their marketing investments.


Bill Langton

Chief Technology Officer
Beekeeper, orienteering expert, cycler, runner...AND outstanding software developer and technology strategist. Bill is in charge of MarketVolt’s development team, securing your data and planning and implementing upgrades and improvements for the MarketVolt application.



Pat Hawn

Vice-President for Sales
Retired volleyball coach, part-time DJ, resident joke-teller, haunted house enthusiast, passionate hockey fan (Let‘s Go Blues!) and... Really smart email marketing strategist who can cure just about anything that ails your company’s marketing. Pat and his team are responsible for showing you how MarketVolt’s software and services can help your business grow and for helping our product development team devise the best solutions for the businesses we serve.


Lori Naeger

Director of Client Care
A retro music enthusiast, self-identified local brew buff, and casual hiker. She enjoys every moment she gets to spend with her son Leo and; sometimes, her three rowdy cats! Lori is a former graphic designer and has over 13 years of experience as a user of the Marketvolt system. Her understanding from the client perspective is critical in bridging the gap between software development and client service.

Peter Shinkle

Peter Shinkle, MarketVolt’s former CEO, remains an active supporter and advisor to the company. Peter started his career as a Russian and French translator for the federal government, went to journalism school and then worked at several newspapers, including the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. After completing Washington University’s Executive MBA program, he was marketing manager for industrial construction firm Alberici Corp. before serving as CEO of MarketVolt.
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