Earlier this year, BlackBoard came out with their 2018 survey on parent expectations for K-12 communication.  In it, they found six items that rose to the top as “Best Practices” for effective communications between districts and parents.  

6 Important Characteristics for comms with parents - convenience, push info, personalize, be timely, realize they're busy, high impact info

These six characteristics are not surprising and seem pretty straight-forward. In fact, they can really be boiled down into a single sentence:  Parents want relevant, high-impact information sent directly to them in a timely manner because they’re busy


They don’t want to have to go searching through a website or hunting for your last point on social media to find the info they want.  Parents expect any important information to be delivered  directly to them. They don’t want all the information all the time either.  Just what’s relevant to them personally. 


They also want timely updates.  Whether it’s about their kid’s performance, school events, or important decisions being discussed by the district, parents want updates more than just once a quarter, or even once a month… as long as it’s relevant to them.


A simple monthly newsletter with every piece of information stuffed into it falls short of all those expectations.  Does that mean you should abandon your email newsletters all together? Absolutely not!


Email still represents the preferred communication tool of parents (check out our other blog: Parents prefer Email). The key to successful engagement is targeting your emails (or email content) or possibly communicate on a more regular basis.


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