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    Easily create signup forms for your site or social media. Upload your own lists or set up automatic syncing with your student information system so parent data is always up-to-date.


    Track who opens mailings and clicks links so you can identify which messages resonate and where to best spend your time.


    Simple, powerful editing tools. Create great-looking emails quickly and easily. No programming or graphic design skills required.


    When parents are looking for the high impact/high ROI information, why not give it to them?  Target the content WITHIN the message so your database receives only the relevant information to their world.


    Send emails with confidence to lists of any size. Simply click “send.” We take care of the rest so you can rest easy as your emails reach the inbox.


    Every member of your team has access to live training and unlimited support.  Plus, all MarketVolt clients get a dedicated marketing advisor. Relax. We have your back — for no extra charge.

6 Things for the K12 Pros To-Do list over Winter Break

Winter Break comes at such a prime time.  The days are shorter, the temps get colder and many have hit that point of throwing your hands up in the air and heading to Mexico to live in a tent on the beach (sounds nice, right?). Here’s a short list of six things to knock out…

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5 Keys to Improving your Newsletter’s Open and Click Rates

I was chatting with a frustrated school communications chief who compared sending her district’s email newsletter to posting a billboard in the middle of a vast desert.   “We put in all that work, and no one reads it,” she said.    Yeah, we hear that a lot.    Your newsletter doesn’t have to be…

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Tips for upping your e-news game

I was meeting with the staff from one of our partner districts the other day and was sharing some of my best practices that their building-level users should know to make their email newsletters as effective and engaging as possible.   Since I can’t sit down with everyone (and certainly not everyone who reads this…

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Internal Communication Lessons from San Juan Unified

Often in the world of K12 email newsletters, we get focused on parents and our broader community as the primary target for our information at the detriment of perhaps our most important audience – our staff.   I see and hear comments like “love it or hate it” or “necessary evil” when it comes to…

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Market At The School Level, Not The District Level!

Most school districts concentrate on communicating with parents and the community at a district level. Email, websites, social media etc. are created and distributed by a dedicated team or individual from a central location. However, they are finding that many parents just aren’t as interested in the entire district. Those parents are primarily focused on…

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Newsletters or Notifications? Both!

Not all e-communications platforms are created equal…and that’s OK. We hear all the time from districts who are currently using their notification platform for sending out PDF or basic HTML versions of their school or district newsletter.  The challenge is, different systems have different purposes and using the wrong platform in the wrong situation can…

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Great News For One Of Our School District Clients

We at MarketVolt want to recognize our partners at McCluer South – Berkeley High School in the Ferguson-Florissant School District in St. Louis County, MO. Head football coach Howard Brown was honored by the Ellen DeGeneres Show for his 15 years of dedication to his team. Coach Brown has been using his own money making…

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Beyond the Subject Line: Factors That Affect Your Email Open Rates

How do you get more parents to open your emails? Many people assume the answer is better subject lines. Sure, subject lines matter. But we think the best way to get more parents to open your emails is to fill your emails with content they consider relevant and interesting. In other words, you’ll get more…

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MarketVolt Client Recognized for Awesome Emails

A big shout-out for Glenbrook High Schools District 225 for winning the Award of Merit for Newsletters in the Electronic Publications category of the 2018 Communications Contest, awarded by the  Illinois Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association (INSPRA). More than 179 entries in 11 categories were judged by out-of-state public relations professionals. Each entry was evaluated by…

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Avoid Image-Only Emails

I received an image-only image from a school. The email looked great on my desktop computer. But when I opened it on my phone, I needed the hubble telescope to read it. The text in the image was microscopic. I had to do that pinch and expand thing to make the image large enough to…

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Recommendations for Your Digital Tool Kit

We’re back! We’re sunkissed and eager to dish out some of the awesome knowledge we gained  at the NSPRA conference in Anaheim !! If you saw us, we miss you already! It was a great time. For those of us who couldn’t make it out, or those of us who may have missed some speakers…

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Beat Content Dry Spells with Content Calendars

Maybe it’s the summer heat, maybe it’s the fluorescent lighting in your office while the sun’s outside your window… You’re uninspired. You’ve got a mean case of writer’s block. Content for your blog, newsletter, and social media feeds all seem to be half baked or not baked at all. The good news: You can take…

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Open Rates Don’t Tell the Whole Story

Note: This post was originally posted on our MarketVolt for Businesses blog. It’s time for some email marketing myth-busting. Before I reveal the myth we need to bust, I’d like to give you a pop quiz (Don’t worry…I’ll grade on a curve). Here are results from three email newsletter for the same company and roughly…

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Use Preheaders to Increase Open Rates

Tick. Tick. Tick. That’s how long it takes your district’s newsletter subscribers to decide if they are willing to open your email. Tick: Sender Name Who sent this? Do I know or recognize the sender? (This is pretty easy for schools to navigate – including a recognizable name or the title of your district should prove just fine.)…

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Communicating with Parents to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Ahh, summer break. The sun’s out. The air conditioning is churning out the good stuff. The kids are all back at home… and they’re bored. Really bored. So bored, in fact, they’ve resorted entirely to complaining endlessly and binging episodes of mindless television. They’re not concerned about school at all. Some may say, “that’s the…

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Annie Dickerson

Communications Director, Parkway School District (MO)

The game changer for us is the support. Having used other email marketing vendors, we found it difficult to have a personal relationship with the vendor. With MarketVolt, I know I can talk to someone I know right away with questions or customized implementation to fit our needs. The support, combined with unique features like dynamic content, allowing us to target and streamline our communications to our audiences, is what makes MarketVolt a perfect fit for Parkway.

Leslie Benjamin

Leslie Benjamin

Director, Communications & Community Engagement, Novato Unified School District (CA)

I would absolutely recommend MarketVolt to others! MarketVolt is about the same cost as another platform I was using that didn't sync with our Student Information System, which is crucial. There's always a bit of learning curve with any new platform but it was very easy to learn and very similar to other platforms I've used. I’m just really glad I discovered and got on board with MarketVolt!

Sandi Beason

Sandi Beason

Public Information Officer, Clinton Public School District (MS)

Prior to using MarketVolt we used an email newsletter system that was opt-in and we were not reaching all of our parents. Now, since MarketVolt connects to our student database system and reaches all parents whose children are enrolled in our schools, everyone gets the newsletter. People are more informed and we get great feedback on the content.   It's the most effective way we've found to reach all of our parents.

Michelle Cronk

Michelle Cronk

Communications Coordinator, North Kansas City Schools (MO)

I would definitely recommend MarketVolt to other districts! The human aspect of the company cannot be overstated. I love that I have access to an actual person if needed and help desk is super responsive. Overall, the product is incredibly easy to use and I like some of the functionality such as dynamic content and auto-trigger delivery.


Mickey Schoonover

Director of Community Relations, Pattonville School District (MO)


There were three reasons we really liked MarketVolt. One was that it was really easy to get a mobile-friendly format, and that was big on our needs list because we wanted something that people could read on their phones and mobile devices. The other was the price -- it was very affordable. And the other part of it was that it was just really easy to use. It saves me a lot of time in putting out a newsletter.


Tarah O'Connell

PR/Communications Specialist, Glenbrook District 225 (IL)

We have increased the readership for our newsletters because people are receiving the information they need to see because we're able to target our content to the different grade levels.  Also, MarketVolt really takes away a lot of the headache we had with our previous platform. It is very easy to format our content and we find it much more user friendly.  The best part is, if I run into any issues, technical support is there to help me right away.